KB856174 | HOW TO: Create a meeting on Skype through Outlook

KB856174 | HOW TO: Create a meeting on Skype through Outlook


This KB will describe how to create a meeting through Skype using Outlook. You may have skype installed on your computer, but the other individuals may not have a skype account and that is okay. This method will allow them to still video/voice chat with you through the Skype network.


Open Outlook and click the “new items” icon on the top left corner so a 
drop down
menu appears.


Click skype meeting and sign


Assign a time and include all the members that need to be part of the meeting under the “TO” section. You may also include a phone number if you wish for everyone else to call in.


Send the request and they will receive a link to download a temp version of
with no need of a username or password. 

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