KB856181 - How to Translate Using Chrome

KB856181 - How to Translate Using Chrome

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HOW TO:  Translate using Chrome

This article will help you install google translate extension and how to use it. 

For Scholars: All scholars now have the translate extension on their chrome devices. Please have them follow section 2 below.

1- (Teachers Only)

  • On Chrome, search, google translate extension and you’ll see an extension  install it and reboot the browser

2-  You should see translate icon on the top right corner. If you click this you should be able to see the button called “translate this page”, once clicked, it’ll show on the left side for language selection.

3 - For Powerpoints, you’d need to download them to a pdf format and upload as a separate file.

4- Upload like you’d normally and then open with google docs.

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