TBU | How to ChromeTab

TBU | How to ChromeTab


HOW TO:  Add Apps/Users to ChromeTabs

This article will overview ChromeTabs and discuss how to perform some basic ChromeTab functions.

KB Overview:

How to find classroom apps, add users, remove users, and use guest sessions.

How to find classroom apps:

  • If the app(s) is/are on the play store, you can send the name(s) to us in a ticket and we can push it onto your classroom tablets.
  • Else if the app is not on the play store, include the site in a ticket, and the ROCKITS will add a quick link to the startup screen.
  • The ROCKITS can bookmark it to the startup page for easy access.

How to add a user to a Chrome Tablet:

  • Turn on the tablet.
  • On the bottom left click on "Add person".
  • Find the student who will be assigned to that tablet.
  • Enter their First+lastname@catalystschools.org and their pw is their CPS ID.
  • Next you should be prompted for a PIN. Please enter 123456. (This is the pw students will use to login)
  • If it asks you if you'd like to stay signed into this account. Click "Yes".


How to remove a user from a Chrome Tablet:

  • Turn on the tablet.
  • Click on user you'd like to remove.
  • You should see a little down arrow, click that.
  • You should see an option "remove this user" in red. Click this.
  • User should be removed after choosing this option.

Guest Sessions:

  • To enter simply click on the screen arrow
  • All apps are web based
  • To add a web-based app to you Chrometab, include the site in a ticket and the ROCKITS will add it the startup screen.
  • Users log into a web-based app each time they login.
  • Once you exit the session, all app data is cleared.

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