1. After following the display setup steps, launch your Google Classroom and log into it if needed. Then drag your meets window over to the monitor.


2. Change your microphone and camera settings over so that you can have audio coming from the smartboard and your mic input audio from the webcam and not the laptop. 

-To change your audio and camera settings, click on the settings button. 


-Then under the audio tab and select "1080P Webcam" under "microphone.
-Under Speakers select "SBID- 7075" or "Default SBID- 7075" to have the meeting audio and other audio output through the smartboard. 

- Next, go to the Video tab and change the camera to "1080P Webcam" (integrated camera is your computer camera, which will not be used for this setup) 

3. Make sure you share your smartboard screen #2 when you present, so the class in meets can also see what the in person class is seeing. This setup will allow you to have 3 separate monitors to work from.  This will leave you with the computer screen for prep work, mobile monitor will be used for meeting software, and the smartboard for content sharing with the on campus class and remote scholars. 

-Make sure that your volume is set low to medium on the smartboard otherwise you will hear an echo,  bring shades down to decrease the sunlight and give better visibility to the camera.

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