KB856949 | How To: Enter, Edit and Resync Assessment Scores with Google Classroom

KB856949 | How To: Enter, Edit and Resync Assessment Scores with Google Classroom

In this lesson, you will review how to enter, edit, and resync assessment scores back to Google Classroom. This is specifically for reviewing Teacher-Graded items such as Constructed Response, Explicit Response, Essay, or any question requiring a teacher's final review for a score, and updating that information back to Google Classroom.

Changes made to Illuminate Assessment design or student scores, do not automatically update back to Google Classroom. A manual resync option is available in the event of for users to use at their discretion.

Find an Assessment

  1. Find and open the assessment you wish to review and edit student scores.
    • Preferred Tile Dashboard > Constructed Responses, or
    • Assessments > View Assessments > Click to open the assessment > Under Administration, select Enter/Edit

Enter or Edit Student Scores

  1. Select under View, Students With Data to see students who have submitted their work.
  2. Use the available Enter/Edit tools to review and record student scores and move about the questions using the left and right arrow icons.
  3. Filtering by Constructed Response will highlight only those items that require your review.
  4. You can enter values or choose from a rubric in the answer field for each question.
  5. Changes are auto-saving as you go, so no need to save.

Resync Scores to Google Classroom

  1. Visit the Administration tab and select Online Testing.
  2. In the administration window under Student Tools, select Google Classroom Resync to update and send scores back to Google Classroom.
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