KB000331 | HOW TO: Use Grid View in Google Meet

KB000331 | HOW TO: Use Grid View in Google Meet

You must be signed into Chrome using your Catalyst Credentials: 
If you are signed into the chrome browser, you will see your picture or the letter of your first name in the upper right hand corner.  In the picture below--I am signed into Google Chrome and also into my Google Account.

Once you are signed in and you are participating in a google meet you will see a grid--clicking on the grid will activate the grid view

You can then make a choice of what you want to see in the grid

If for some reason, the grid view extension doesn't show up and you are logged into Google Chrome, you can download the extension yourself.  Simply type "grid view google meet extension" into the Google search bar and follow the instructions to download.  Refresh your google meet and the grid view icon should show up.

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