KB856180 | HOW TO: Chose Input on Smartboard

KB856180 | HOW TO: Chose Input on Smartboard

856180 |

HOW TO: Chose Input on Smartboard

1. Wake up the Smartboard by pressing amber light on right panel. 

2. Click on the menu icon (White bar) that is in the middle of the screen above the eraser.

3. Press the "Input" icon.

4. Chose the input that you connected to (It will show what is projected on your screen when connected) 

Alternate way: 
1. Whenever you plug in a device to be displayed, there will be a message at the bottom of your screen asking if you would like to switch. If you press "Switch" it will automatically display what is plugged in. 

*Your HDMI and USB Is located on the left side, behind the screen. 
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