KB856225 | HOW TO: Download Mobile Apps

KB856225 | HOW TO: Download Mobile Apps

Using Mobile Apps just became easy and fun. With the ability to  have any files shared or saved instantly. With your phone in the palm of your hand you can open up any document anywhere. 

To download these apps on your mobile phone please vist the Google Play Store for andriod or App Store for Apple. Just Search for the app using the name and you'll be able to download it easy. 

Download Google Drive on Google Play     
Download Google Docs on the App Store

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Google Drive 
Keep your files safe and easy to reach from anywhere with Google Drive on your smartphone or table. 

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Collaborate with people for work or fun. Share your files and folders easily with OneDrive for Business.

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Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork in Office 365. All your team converations,files, meetings, and apps live togehter in a single shared work space.


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