KB200325 | HOW TO: Make Calls to Parents/Guardians using your laptop (Maria Campus Only)

KB200325 | HOW TO: Make Calls to Parents/Guardians using your laptop (Maria Campus Only)

Here is a quick setup guide for you to make calls to parents/guardians as we move to E-Learning. This quick 'how to' will guide you to get your campus extension added to your browsers so you can call with ease and without using your personal cell phone. (Please do not use personal cell phone or personal google voice). By using this method you are ensuring that all calls for parents/guardians are being made from a Catalyst Schools' official number.

If you leave  a message for a caller and they have to call back the calls will be routed back to Main Office number - At this time CCR calls are being answered by JDunn at Circle and Dawn at Maria (This might change)

1 - Click this link to get connected to our internal phone system (make sure you're using chrome browser)

2- Enter your extension:
CMH- 4000 - p: kZtp5iEH8q 
CME- 4400 -p: catalyst2020
3- Once logged on You'll see "install 3CX Installer for Chrome"

Then, click install

Then add to Chrome,

4- Once that is completed, Please activate the extension from the main 3cx page

5- Click on the blue phone icon on the top right hand corner of the browser and the dialer will open up.

Once opened you'll see existing extension - please move to Keypad and dial your parents.

Then click on the keypad

Thank you!

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